Competition Rules

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  1. All woods used in County Competitions must bear the World Bowls Bullet stamp and correct bowling shoes or bowling sandals must be worn.
  2. The Competitions are open to all members of Clubs affiliated to the Mid Wales Women’s Bowling Association who have paid their affiliation fees. No player shall allow her name to be submitted from more than one Club.
  3. The Competitions shall be played under the laws of the World Bowls and the rules of the Welsh Women’s Bowling Association.
  4. The Competitions shall consist of Four Wood Singles (21 shots); Under 16 Four Wood Singles Competition; Under 25 Four Wood Singles (21 shots); Two-Wood Singles, Two-Wood Triples, Pairs and Fours (21 ends); and Three-Wood Triples (18 ends). In the event of a tie an extra end shall be played. Two trial ends shall be allowed in all matches. There shall also be a Victrix Ludorum Competition for the player with the highest number of points in all the competitions, and who has played in every round of the competition. Points to be awarded as under: -
    Winner8 pointsWinner7 points
    Losing finalists6 pointsLosing finalists5 points
    Semi-finalists4 pointsSemi-finalists3 points
    Quarter-finalists2 pointsQuarter-finalists1½ points
    Winners6 pointsWinners5 points
    Losing finalists4 pointsLosing finalists3 points
    Semi-finalists2 pointsSemi-finalists1½ points
    Quarter-finalists1 pointNo points for quarter-finalists

  5. All the initial rounds to be played on the day set for the competition as in the Welsh.
  6. Under 16 4-wood singles (15 shots) to be played down to the Semi-Final position and the date of the final to be arranged. All competitors entered in the Under 25 4-wood singles to make their own arrangements to play rounds up to the semi-finals.
  7. That we play the 2 wood triples in July thus starting competitions a week later.
  8. The 2-wood triples competition is held at two venues in line with the 3-wood triples and rink competitions to ease congestion.
  9. To alleviate travelling, players from the same Club drawn against each other are allowed to play off at home beforehand if they wish – player drawn on top to have choice of rink.
  10. For rounds of competitions not played on the first day if the two participant's Clubs are over 30 miles apart, the next round shall be played on a neutral green, roughly half way between, otherwise the next round is to be played on the Challenger’s green.
  11. It is the responsibility of members to inform the County Competition Secretary at least 24 hours before if they are unable to turn up on the day to play in any County Competitions, unless there is an unavoidable situation.
  12. Entry into the 2-wood and 4-wood singles competition to be made by 28th February every year and the appropriate fee paid. After closing date a draw will take place. Any player unable to participate on the day to play in any County Competition, unless there is an unavoidable situation shall notify the Competition Secretary at least 24 hours prior to the competition and shall be deleted from the draw. The competition sheet will then be compiled with the remaining competitors keeping the same order. A competition sheet will be available on the day of the competition. No reimbursement of competition fee will be made.
  13. Entries and the appropriate fee of £2.50 per entry into all competitions must reach the Competition Secretary by February 28th.
  14. In the case of any disputes, appeals must be made within 24 hours of the game concerned, accompanied by a clear statement in writing to the Competitions Secretary, together with evidence if such exists.
  15. The players printed first on the Draw shall be the challengers. If a Club decides that their green is not in a satisfactory condition for Competitions the Club Secretary shall communicate with the Competition Secretary before the commencement of the round and the challenger shall then have the choice of green.
  16. If players arrive more than half-an-hour after the time fixed for a game, or fail to appear, in the absence of a satisfactory explanation the other players may claim a “walk-over”. For competitions staged on a particular day only 10 minutes to be allowed for lateness, afterwards the opponents to claim the game.
  17. If any player in Pairs, Triples or Rink is unable to proceed to any round of the Competitions, a bona-fide substitute is allowed to play, if necessary, for reasons other than illness. The position of players on the first game is not binding throughout the Competitions, and a substitute is allowed to play in any position.
  18. Markers of Singles must not give instructions, or consult with or assist either player. Markers must also stand well behind the head, to the one side of the rink, and shall not move or cause to be moved either jack or bowls until each player has agreed to the number of shots. The marker shall enter the score on the card and change the scoreboard after every end.
  19. The Semi-Finals shall be played on the second Saturday in August each year and the Finals on the third Saturday in August. In the event of these dates clashing with the World Bowls Championship or Commonwealth Games then the dates of the Semi-finals and Finals is altered for that year only, at the preceding AGM.
  20. If any competitor is in more than 3 competitions excluding 2 wood singles on semi finals or finals day provision be made for one to be played off beforehand. The Executive Committee to decide which competition this should be.
  21. Markers: The Executive Committee shall appoint the markers in the semi-finals and finals (normally this will be the President or other Senior Officers).
  22. Persons not engaged in the game shall be situated clear of and beyond the limits of the rink of play and clear of the verges. They shall preserve an attitude of strict neutrality and neither by act or words disturb or advise the players.
  23. If any match be postponed through bad weather, it must be afterwards played to a finish from the point where play ceased, and on the same rink where possible. Trial ends are allowed in all postponed matches.
  24. Challengers are responsible for taking the result card to the green on which the game is played and the winner is responsible for seeing the card, signed by the loser, is given, OR POSTED, to the Competition Secretary immediately.
  25. Umpires: Any of our qualified umpires, not engaged in a game, may be called upon to officiate.
  26. Times: The latest time for County Competitions to be scheduled to commence to be 6.00p.m. (This is for competitions not played out on one day).
  27. Rounds of Competitions
    2-wood singles competitions to be played down to finals on the day.
    4-wood singles competitions 3 games to be played on first day.
    Pair, 3-Wood Triples & Fours 2 games to be played on the first day. Third game optional.
    2-wood Triples 3 games to be played on the day when two venues are being used.
  28. No player in a competition shall play on the same rink on the day of such competition before play commences under penalty of disqualification.
  29. All competitions shall be played off by the end of July.
  30. All the first day competitions to commence at 10.00a.m. prompt. With the Presidents welcome speech at 9.45a.m. The time for Junior Singles to start to be decided on at the Spring meeting each year.
  31. All singles, 4 wood, 2 wood & Juniors to be played first on Semi-finals and Finals Day.
    The dress worn by players in County Competitions must be as follows: -
    • Competition players may wear Coloured top (not sleeveless). Colour tops should be club tops or regulation bowling tops.
    • Plain white bowling skirt, tailored knee-length white shorts, cropped or full-length white tailored bowling trousers
    • White bowling sandals or white bowling shoes
    • Tights optional
    • That after the first day of competition competitors be allowed to wear greys in subsequent rounds up to the semi finals and finals
  33. Coloured discs to be used in Semi-finals and finals of the competitions.
  34. The County Four-wood Pairs to be played at two venues with an open draw.
  35. Smoking is not permitted on the green.


  1. Players must not crowd the jack.
  2. Full attention should be given to the position of each wood, so that when your turn comes to bowl there is no need to ask, "Who is shot?" Players should not converse with friends instead of watching play.

bowls on a green